Masters media room next step for Woods


The six-minute man in Golf Channel’s interview last night was a different Tiger Woods to be sure, but what’s next?

Will he visit the media room at the Masters?

If he doesn’t, the six-minute man’s positive impression Sunday night doesn’t resonate as well. If he doesn’t come to the media room to answer larger questions from a larger media contingent, the six-minute man appearance looks like more manipulation instead of a sure-footed step by a man who’s counting his steps.

If Woods meets the media at Augusta National, and makes one more media room appearance in an event outside the Masters (Quail Hollow?), he’s run the gauntlet with golf media and presumably the larger, mainstream media interests in an event outside Augusta National.

Though Woods didn’t say much more Sunday night than he did in his 16-minute public apology, he communicated a lot more in his eye contact with interviewer Kelly Tilghman, with his body language and his overall tone than he did in his stiff and scripted apology.