May the Schwartzel be with you


ORLANDO, Fla. – “May the Schwartzel be with you.”

Sorry, I had to steal a line from one of my favorite Mel Brooks’ movies, Space Balls.  

I spent some time on the range at Bay Hill with South African star Charl Schwartzel. First, we cleared up the pronunciation of the first name which has been butchered by many in our industry. It is pronounced SHARL. So, if you hear it any other way, e-mail the company.

This guy is not very tall (5'10”) and not very heavy (160 pounds) but he puts all of his might into every shot and is fairly long. More importantly, his persona seems like one of a welterweight fighter looking to climb the ranks. He is gritty, mentally tough and extremely confident. How confident? Well, he’s about to play in his first Masters and believes he can win. That’s what winning twice on the European Tour this year and making a major run at Doral will do for you.  

Don’t be surprised if it’s Charl in charge at Bay Hill this week and maybe at Augusta.