Monty The Ryder Cup is not an Exhibition


Playing alongside one another, Rory McIlroy shot 3-under 69, while Colin Montgomerie had a 2-under 70 in the first round of the 3 Irish Open.
Nothing interesting there, until you consider the fact that prior to the tournament McIlroy said this: 'The Ryder Cup, it's a great spectacle for golf, but an exhibition at the end of the day and it should be there to be enjoyed. I think if I get on it (the European Team), you know, you enjoy the week, and if you win or lose, it's a great experience and you move on from it. In the big scheme of things, it's not that important of an event for me.'
Tell that to Monty. Which, of course, the European press did.
'All I can say to you is you ask me, is the Ryder Cup an exhibition, no, it's not an exhibition, all right,' Montgomerie said. 'So please don't say, and hopefully, that it won't come from me, that Monty and Rory are having a war here. Please don't say that, because I haven't said that, and all I've said is the Ryder Cup is not an exhibition and it never will be.'
Monty added that he was certain McIlroy will one day make the European team, possibly even the team he will captain in 2010. When he does, he will likely have a change in opinion, much like Hunter Mahan had after experiencing the Cup firsthand last year.