Too old to play


Tuesday night on Golf Central, John Hawkins squawked about the make-up of the Nationwide tour and its real mission. All because Sunday down in Colombia, 48-year-old Steve Pate became the oldest winner in that tour’s history.

Some, like Hawkins, think guy’s like Pate don’t belong on a developmental tour. I say, wrong. Pate has six PGA Tour wins and is fast-approaching the fast-improving Champions Tour.

One, do you want him sitting idle and showing up there with nothing to show? That wouldn’t be good for Pate or the tour. And two, what’s not to like about young kids using a former Ryder Cupper like Pate as a measuring stick?

Call me crazy, but a 22-year-old kid playing the first two rounds with Pate could probably learn some shots and hear a few stories that might help when he gets to the big tour. Being with Pate on the Nationwide Tour is like an internship, a mentorship and some helpful development. But you better beat him, which right now isn’t very easy.