Whos next for Tiger


Hank Haney says he resigned and Tiger Woods says he and Hank “have agreed that he will no longer be my coach.” Two different views on how the split went down. But does it really matter? They had a great run – six years, six majors and 30-plus PGA Tour wins. A dream career for every player.

The question now is, who’s next? And everybody has their list. But think about it, who’s to say they’d jump to take it? Is any partnership with Tiger right now a wise move? Will he get his game back? Sure. Will he get the coach of his choice? Hmmmmm.

A few years back, coaches would have lined up from Isleworth to Iceland to work with Woods. Now, some people wouldn’t want to be caught on camera, smiling and standing next to him, which is the job requirement as the official “second set of eyes.”

The last time around, Tiger hand-picked Hank. And what reason was there to say no?

This time around, I’d love to be in the room during the interview process. Which guy is it who’s asking all the tough questions? Now that would be a reality show worth watching.