Why not Sergio


As crazy as it was to almost have Greg Norman and Tom Watson as the last two winners of the Open Championship, how crazy would it be if somehow, someway Sergio Garcia held up the claret jug on Sunday?

It's probably expecting too much, right? After all, three straight top 5's at the British a few years back seems more like a century ago.

And in the eyes of most, Rory McIlroy's now a full-fledged 'world beater,’ while the 30-year-old Garcia's a 'beaten down journeyman.'

Betting favorite? No, but if Paul Goydos can shoot 59, why can't Sergio shoot his way into contention? If Paula Creamer can get her major, why can't Sergio get his?

Hey I'm not here to cheerlead, but for all the talk about Tiger finding his way back, it sure would be nice if we could get Sergio – and the swagger – back, too