Wie are family


Michelle Wie’s parents will be handing over their child for Solheim Cup week.

American captain Beth Daniel has informed B.J. and Bo Wie that parents are not allowed in the team room or lodge area and that Michelle will be taking all her dinners with the team.

Wie, 19, told the Chicago Sun-Times during the team’s practice sessions this past week at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Ill., that veteran Juli Inkster’s selection as a captain’s pick made her mom happy.

“My mom felt good about sending me here after she talked to Juli,” Wie said. “She said to keep me in line.”

Inkster, 49, has a daughter Wie’s age.

“I gave (Michelle) a bed check the last couple days, and she was in bed on time and brushed her teeth, so all was good,” Inkster cracked.

Wie gave the newspaper this assessment of her career.

“I’ve definitely not had the perfect career so far,” she said. “I’ve done a lot of good things, and I’ve done a lot of bad things. I’ve done a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have done, and I’ve done things I’ve been proud of. But there are no mulligans in life. Sometimes you’ve got to take risks and learn from them if you don’t succeed.”