Beef stars in new Arby's commercials


Proud new PGA Tour card holder Andrew "Beef" Johnston signed one of the most appropriate endorsement deals in endorsement deal history back in July, agreeing to rock the Arby's logo on his shirts and hats and even working a shift at the fast food restaurant.

But now he's taken his pitchman status to the next level, starring in a series of commercials for the roast beef sandwich peddlers that will air throughout this week's Tour Championship and next week's Ryder Cup.

The ads make the case that everything would be better with Beef, which is tough logic to argue in and of itself, but seems even more appropriate considering Johnston won't be playing at East Lake or Hazeltine.

You'll notice Arby's has slightly altered their slogan from "we have the meats" to "we have the Beef." Nice touch.