Dufner goes scoreboard to shut down Twitter troll


Let it be known that Rickie Fowler isn't the only PGA Tour pro willing to take off his social media "hater blockers" every now and then. Sometimes the trolls make it so easy, it must be hard not to.

Such was the case Sunday, when Jason Dufner posted a seemingly innocent NFL-related question about the horrific NFC Least, and one "fan" decided that was the perfect time to ask Duf Daddy about the last time he won. To which Dufner immediately responded with an image of him winning a golf tournament, the Franklin Templeton Shootout ... last week. Scoreboard.

That's a clown question bro. But the exchange wasn't over just yet. Apparently not thoroughly embarrased enough, the troll decided to dig his hole a little deeper, making some nonsensicle argument about it being a team event, to which Dufner hit him with the "Bye Felicia." Game. Set. Match. Thanks for playing.

And in case you still weren't sure who came out the victor in this fun little Internet spat, we'll leave it up to the rest of Twitter to clear it up for you. Take it away:

Never forget this is the man who gifted us Dufnering. You come at the golfing Internet king, you best not miss.