Georgia Tech coach to assistants: No golf for you!


Josh Pastner, Georgia Tech's new men's basketball coach, starts every interview with a potential assistant by asking the same question.

“My first question to anyone I (might) hire is, ‘Do you golf?’” Pastner said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Say what?! You don't ask first about, you know, basketball?

So what happens if they love the great game of golf?

“If they say, ‘Yes,’ you can’t work for me, because that means five hours on a Sunday or on a Saturday."

But what about nine holes? Or some Top Golf? A little range time? How about some putt-putt?

"Can’t. Don’t want it ... Any of my assistant coaches, if they’re golfers, not working for me.”

Uh, guess that's a 'no.'