Justin Bieber golfing is exactly as lame as you'd think


Terrible person Justin Bieber hit a golf ball into some sort of practice area yesterday.

Being the hard-hitting news outlet that we are here in the Grill Room, we felt compelled to bring you this important update; he felt compelled to capture this moment on Instagram and caption it "600 yards."

600 yards

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This leads us to some logical questions. Does Justin Bieber actually believe his ball would've travelled 600 yards had that netting not been there? Does he have a secret sense of humor that he's been hiding for 20 years? Is he the worst person in the world?

Lets suspend everything we hate know about The Biebs for a moment and base our answers solely on his previous Instagram sports triumphs. May I present Exhibit A below, where he "crosses over" his manager on the basketball court and gets to the bucket.

The answers are clearly: yes, no and absolutely.

Don't trip scoot

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