One-armed, 3-year-old golfer is Bubba's new friend


We first brought you the incredible story of Tommy Morrissey last month. The three-year-old who was born with only one arm was showing off his golf skills on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Morrissey, who began mimicking the swing of professional golfers he watched on TV at just 18 months old, can now mimick one up close and personal. His new friend is two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson.

Watson uploaded the two videos below to his YouTube page on Friday, with the caption, "Hanging out and golfing with my new friend!" The two look pretty chummy, with Bubba offering the advice of "head down and follow through," and then giving some "knuckles" after Tommy stripes one down the fairway. Lets hope this bromance blossoms, because the more Tommy Morrissey in our lives, the better off we are.