Social media spotlight: College golf's trick-shot artist


These videos have been floating around the Internet for a while now, but the Internet is a big place, so pardon us for not alerting your attention to them sooner. 

Below we bring you College of Charleston freshman William Rainey, who's pretty good at regular golf (finishing T-5 in his collegiate debut at the Navy Fall Classic) and pretty great at trick-shot golf.

Here he is hitting a football through a basketball hoop, and then (understandably) going nuts.

And here he is hitting a tennis ball through a basketball hoop off of a roof on his first try.

He's got plenty of others that you can check out here. Some involve Olive Garden bread sticks, some involve ping pong balls, some even involve (gasp!) golf balls. Whatever they involve, they look difficult, and like something you or I probably wouldn't even try, let alone successfully complete. So thank you Mr. Rainey, for at least you have provided me with a few minutes of my life spent aimlessly surfing the Internet that I'm glad I will never get back.