Taste of the town: Eating, drinking around St. Andrews


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – When my bosses assigned me to a food and beverage tour of St. Andrews, host town of this week's Open Championship, I thought, 'I got this.' I do, after all, eat food and drink drinks every day.

Besides, my mission was simple: Have the most Scottish culinary experience possible, document it and bring back all the details for you, trusty Grill Room readers.

I'm not sure my experience was entirely Scottish, other than the fact that it occured in Scotland. And to the disappointment of many, I'm sure, I must admit that I have yet to try haggis (operative word: yet – the week is but a puppy).

For the extended details of my food and beverage tour around St. Andrews, click here to view the photo gallery. But here's a bit of an appetizer (get it?) below:

I had a fish sandiwch the size of my face:

I made a new best friend, as so clearly evidenced by this photo:

I ate one of these and lost weight (written in a sarcastic tone):

And there was beef stew ... because what would life be without beef stew?