The Social: Tiger, Trump and Twitter


Donald Trump gets sound social media advice from the unlikeliest of sources, Tiger Woods continues to run a stellar Instagram account, LPGA stars flock to the Bahamas and – bonus! – multiple comments of the week. All that and more in this week's edition of The Social.

Whether you support Donald Trump or hate him so much you felt compelled to smash a Starbucks window during his inauguration or fall somewhere in between, one thing is for sure: the social media enthusiast and new leader of the free world is going to continue to make headlines in the sports world, particularly golf. Monday alone, we had stories of Tiger Woods disecting Trump's game and the new POTUS hoping to tee it up in front of the Queen of England this summer.

While President Trump appears set on defying the No. 1 rule of Twitter – don't tweet – he might want to heed the advice of part-time golfer, Johnny Manziel.

Yes, this Johnny Manziel:

The former Heisman Trophy winner, who has battled personal issues and is currently not on an NFL roster, has plenty of experience with social media and being on the wrong side of it. He shared the following words of wisdom with the White House's newest resident on Monday:

Of course, because he's Johnny Football, he followed that stroke of genius by bizzarely deleting his Twitter account altogether, but hey, the man has a point. 

For those who don’t know, Tiger Woods owns a restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in Florida, an upscale sports bar-type establishment that one would expect to have a bar, considering, you know, that they advertise a full bar.

But just in case there was any confusion, Tiger took to Instagram this weekend to give his 700,000 followers a glimpse of the options they offer:

We like our options when it's happy hour at The Woods. #thewoodsjupiter

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That’s a lot of hooch. If we ever visit his restaurant, hope we run into this Tiger, circa 2013:

Noted New England Patriots fan Keegan Bradley was understandably excited after his team punched its ticket to the Super Bowl on Sunday after topping the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game. So excited, in fact, that he tweeted this GIF of Tom Brady showing off his four Super Bowl rings:

The tweet was met with plenty of backlash by people who hate the Patriots – so everyone outside of New England – but no responses were better than those from ESPN's Scott Van Pelt and fellow golfer Luke Donald, who reminded Keegs that one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time is also better than him at basketball, and occasionally even golf.

Beer me!... er wait. #mcrib #heded #whoputthatpolethere #murca

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Never a bad time for this video. Just a man, his wakeboard, a wasted beer and an ill-placed pole.

It's been a rough couple of weeks in the Bahamas on the Tour, with swirling winds bringing high scores – none higher than Greg Eason, who lost 32 balls during the season-opening Great Exuma Classic with rounds of 91-95, and then returned at the Great Abaco Classic with a 90 that featured a record decuple-bogey 15.

But things are looking up. Not only did Eason shoot 68 on Tuesday, but the weather supposed to calm down and the LPGA is descending on the tropical paradise, bringing with them better scores and, if Jaye Marie Green is any indication, better views:

Loving life in the Bahamas! #grind @puresilkbahamaslpga @fitteamglobal

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Ottoman steak

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For some reason, viral sensations make very little sense and somehow have ties to the golf world.

Well the newest thing taking the Internet by storm – a Turkish chef who now goes by "Salt Bae" after a video of him cutting up meat and seductively sprinkling it with salt wracked up nearly 8 million Instagram views in the last two weeks – has made its way to golf.

Rickie Fowler 'n friends ate at one of the chef's restaurants while in town for the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, and video evidence confirms the guy has definitely earned the right to be the most-memed figure of January 2017.

Here we have a comment thread posted on a story about the Rory McIlroy-Caroline Wozniacki relationship, where commenters could have chosen to a) write something nice and thoughtful a) bash McIlroy, b) bash Wozniacki, or c) bash both of them. Instead, these jabronis went with option d) debate grammar, specifically, when to use commas, with strangers, on an Internet message board.

These guys seem fun.