Woodsie Surfaces


It is the end of Day 5 and, for me, fatigue has set in, both physically and mentally.  Day 4 was scheduled to be the heaviest driving day of Our Longest Drive, but no one imagined the marathon that actually develops.
My fatigue is most likely self-imposed as I carry constantly a huge sense of responsibility for everyone’s safe return home.  Fifty miles per hour crosswinds, pelting rain, oozing mud as well as a too much time at the wheel has taken a toll on me.

Last night at Steve and Kori Dee’s home was one of those magical evenings defined by unique circumstances of time, place and the people that are brought together.  The joy of the event, however, unfortunately left its calling card in the form of a huge hangover.  I wake up this morning to find Martin and his crew struggling in the rain and mud to change a flat tire on the chase vehicle. It was only last Saturday evening, at the end of day 1, that I expressed my concern to Martin over the durability of his tires.

The resulting conversation pointed out one of the major differences between youth and aging adults – gross optimism versus realistic pessimism.  With the spare tire mounted, we hit the road 90 minutes behind schedule and, needless to say, I did not revel in my vindication.

But, wait a minute, sports fans.  The tire drama has yet to reach its conclusion.  With the purchase of a new spare, it came to light that the old wheel was left back at the Canyon Creek Ranch as a useless piece of equipment.

OMG, a spare tire with no wheel?  What the hell good is that?  The tire drama continues.  I will keep you posted.

Till Next Time,

Dan Johnson