Quotes of the Year - Part I


In Parting Shots, GolfChannel.com offers up the best quotes from each week of the year. Part I takes you from the season-opening Mecedes-Benz Championship in Maui through the Masters in April.

'If I showed up out there, they'd think I was a whale that got beached.' ' Boo Weekley, rubbing his belly and telling reporters what would happen if he were to head out with the surfers that can be seen from the 11th green at Kapalua.

'Zing, she smells a whole lot better than you did.' ' Nick Faldo, comparing his old broadcast partner Paul Azinger to his new Golf Channel broadcast partner Kelly Tilghman.

'I carry a pocket of Lifesavers, so when I get in the trap, I drop a lifesaver under the ball like a little tee, and when you hit it it explodes, no evidence. Remember that one. 'Lifesavers. Fresh breath, lower handicap.' ' ' George Lopez, joking with reporters about a few tricks he may have up his sleeve.

'He was a throwback. He raised the level of every player he worked for. He could take guys who were marginal and they would play well.' ' Caddie Patrick Smith, about fellow caddie Steve Duplantis, who died tragically in an accident earlier in the year.

'Does he actually receive texts? I know I tried to text Jack (Nicklaus) one time and he doesn't know how to do that.' ' Tiger Woods, when asked if he was going to text message Arnold Palmer after he officially tied him on the all-time PGA Tour career wins mark.

'The problem is I haven't played to my full potential yet. And when that happens it will just be me and Tiger.' ' Ian Poulter, in an interview with Golf World U.K. magazine, with some strong words for Tiger Woods and the rest of the golfing world.

'I'm misquoted. It was taken out of context. The whole answer to the question has been taken out of context. As long as he's playing golf I'm not going to get to No. 1, so No. 2 is the spot.' ' Poulter again, trying to clarify what he contends was a misrepresentation of what he was trying to say.

'I was just trying to put the ball on the green,' ' 92-year-old Leo Fiyalko, who after 60 years of playing golf, getting his first ever hole-in-one. Fiyalko is blind.

'As for golf talent, truth be told, my father and grandfather were far more blessed with talent. Somehow when it came to me there was a genetic power outage. ' 41st President George H. W. Bush, joking to reporters about his golf skills, or lack thereof, after receiving USGA's highest honor, the Bob Jones Award.

'Id much rather watch fishing or hunting or NASCAR or something. Its got to be moving, man. Golf aint moving. ' Weekley, admitting that he doesn't watch golf on TV, not even the Ryder Cup.

'I cant call him Boo. What is his name? It cant be Boo can it? ' Colin Montgomerie, slowly becoming more aware of the phenomenon that is known as Boo Weekley.

I just think we didnt think through the new rule. Its hard to understand. People see players making the cut and not playing. Nobodys happy with that. ' Tim Finchem, commenting after amending the Tours controversial cut line policy.

Ben is quite affected by it. But hes a lovely boy. ' Ernie Els, after disclosing for the first time to Golf Channels Rich Lerner that his son was diagnosed with autism. Els hopes to bring more attention and awareness for the disorder.

'We dont have time for me to tell you what I think about Tiger and his golf, because I think that right now, he has got it by the neck, and hes choking it. And he should. ' Arnold Palmer, throwing his two cents in on the dominance of Tiger Woods.

Trademark infringement. I had a patent. ' Fred Funk, jokingly referring to Golf Channel Insider Brian Hewitt's tongue-in-cheek remark that Tiger's 'hat slam' was a rip-off of a similar move by Funk after his final putt at the 2005 Players Championship.

He thought it was a bee sting. ' Col. John Fortunato, of the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office, commenting to the press after celebrated chef Paul Prudhomme was hit by a bullet during the PGA Tour stop in New Orleans.

'You gonna stop walking, man? Damn. You did it all day yesterday. I tell you what ' veterans can kiss my...' ' Bubba Watson, during the second round of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, with some choice words for playing partner Steve Elkington and his caddie.

'There has been no call from Augusta and I am not expecting one. Now, if I were the only person in the country, a la China, I might get in. It is a strange way to make up a field for a major championship ' television rights. They are quite open about why. ' Monty again, expressing his frustration for why he believes he didn't get an invite to the Masters.

Toughest test? Im starting to believe that this is more like a U.S. Open course every year.' ' Steve Stricker, referring to this year's increased difficulty at Augusta National.

'If I can walk around here like an athlete, which I can, and I can play reasonably well, then Id like to keep playing. ' Gary Player, who made his 51st appearance in the year's first major, expressing his desire to continue playing.

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