Class Continues Febraury 27, 2011


Q: How do you put enough backspin on the ball to make it stick on the green?

- Derek Morris

A: Spin comes from speed, mainly. So if you want to hit a shot that stops very quickly it has to be a swing with quite some velocity! Where you hit the ball on the clubface and if you cut across the ball also increase the spin rate. So the shot that will stop the quickest will be a high speed, out-of-the-middle, cut-across slice spin action. The good news, it stops quickly. The bad news, it is very difficult to judge distance; use only as an emergency shot or last resort.

Q: What is the difference between a bowed and cupped wrist and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

- Mark Probasco (Texas)

A: Mark, are you talking at the top of the backswing or at impact? I'll give you both. At the end of the backswing, a cupped left wrist very likely reduces hook, or encourages fade. Some say it was Hogan's secret. A bowed left wrist most likely causes a draw. As if the game wasn't hard enough already, at impact the exact opposite happens. A cupped left wrist will hit it high and very often with a draw, and a bowed left wrist will hit it low and with a bias to fade it. Hope that helps.

Q: I feel like I always tend to fall backwards on an extremely bad slice. Does that cause a person to slice? Any tips or drills on preventing this?

- AB

A: Falling back is a symptom of what most slicers do, but not the main cause. You slice because your face is open to the path your club moves on, so you need to close the face. You could try a stronger grip, keep the clubface a little closed in the takeaway or rotate your forearms in your release. As you do better with one or all of these suggestions you will stop falling back. It will just go away; I've seen it happen many times.

Q: I have a tendency to strike my irons near the toe of the face. What is causing me to miss the sweet spot on my irons and what can I do to correct this problem? Thank you.

- Brett K. (Wisconsin)

A: To hit balls off the toe of the club, you are likely too upright in your swing plane somewhere in your move, or it could be on the backswing or downswing. Being too bent over at address might be a contributing factor, so to fix it, stand taller at address. On the backswing turn your right shoulder back, and on the downswing turn your right shoulder down and out to the ball. That should not let you hit the ball off the toe.