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-When golf professionals say to hit down on the ball we mean that we want the head of the golf club to be traveling down.  We're trying to make sure you’re not flipping the handle and causing the club to go up.  This is also different from too steep an angle of attack.  Too steep an angle of attack is when the head, shaft, and handle are traveling down into the ground.  We want the ball to travel in a forward direction, so you should get a cardboard box and hit it so that it slides forward.  If you’re too steep it will spin in a clockwise fashion.

-Keeping your head down when you swing is very important.  If your head isn’t staying stable that means your upper body isn’t staying down.  A good drill to make sure you are staying down is to take a swim noodle and put one end across the front of your stomach so that the noodle is parallel to the ground.  Then rotate like you are swinging and make sure the noodle brushes the ground.  If it doesn’t touch the ground then you’re lifting up.

-It is very common for golfers to overswing because of their set-up.  If your shoulder line is very level to the ground you’re not creating any natural restrictions.  The body then will over-rotate and the club will get to far behind you.  You need to create a reverse “K” position at address where your shoulders are tilted to the right so that the right shoulder is lower.  You should always feel like you’re looking at the back of the ball.  Next make sure your hands are not super close to your body.  Focus on the trail arm (right arm) not bending.  A good drill is to take your back swing with the right arm only then at the top of the backswing put your left hand back on the club and finish the swing.

-The longest hitters on tour do a few things to create extra yardage.  Two specific things are that they have good knee flex to help with their flexibility and allow proper body rotation.  They also keep the distance between the shaft and their head the same for an extended period of time.

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