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-Hitting greens is key to winning the U.S. Open. The first thing you must do is hit the center of the club face. A great drill for this is put two tees in the ground and swing through the gate. Next, make sure you impact the ground at or after the ball. Finally, hold your finish until the ball lands to ensure a proper follow-through.

-The Olympic Club was the toughest scrambling course on the 1998 PGA TOUR. To get up and down from deep rough make sure you open the stance, open the club face, keep your knees level and keep the grip moving around the body.

-Most people line up their putts by aiming the logo of their golf ball at their target. I want the logo lined up at 90 degrees to the target. This makes it easier to get the logo line and putter face parallel to each other at setup and is a better visual.

Special Guests
-Darron Stiles (4th U.S. Open appearance)
-Casey Martin (2nd U.S. Open appearance)
-Dennis Miller (1st U.S. Open appearance)
-Frank Nobilo (Golf Channel Analyst)

Next Week’s Show - June 18, 2012
-Michael Breed will breakdown the winner of the U.S. Open and teach what you can learn
-Michael will answer viewer questions and give SwingFix breakdowns
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