Breed's Blog - June 18, 2012


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Breed's Reads
-2012 U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson ranks 1st on the PGA TOUR in Putting Average and uses a belly putter. When using a belly putter, make sure you anchor it forward, keep your head stabilized through impact and use tees or balls to keep the path of the stroke straight.

-You should replace your grips once a year or every 40 rounds. If you play with a grip too long it will become dull and very slippery.

-To fix a snap hook, practice swinging the club with both the upper and lower body to keep the club face stable.

-To execute a shot from the deep rough, you need to elevate the club, make the downswing a more descending blow and open the face to create more loft.

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From the PGA Professional National Championship
-Michael Breed will be at Bayonet & Black Horse in Seaside, California and will bring his fellow PGA professionals on the show to help improve all aspects of your game
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