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Tips from PGA Professionals
-David Hutsell:  A good drill to make sure you're making solid contact and keeping your lower body stable is to use your shadow.  First, put your back to the sun and a ball at the tip of your shadow’s head.  Then as you take your practice swing make sure you maintain your posture, the flex in your knees and keeping your head in place.

-Tim Weinhart:  In order to get behind the ball and have enough rotation so that your back is to the target try this drill.  Drop your right foot behind your left and keep the ball in the instep of your left foot.   Then as you take your swing you will be able to maintain your spine angle and get enough upper body rotation.

-Jack Seltzer:  To turn back properly, set up with your hands crossed in front of your chest and act like you’re on a 20 story building and want to look over the edge.  You should have your upper body going to the right and your lower body going to the left.

-John Seltzer:  To practice proper weight transfer, do this drill.  Take a video camera and tape your swing.  When you finish your swing and turn your right foot up, make sure you can count all the spikes on the bottom of that foot.

-Mark Brown:  To have a better chance of being square at impact try this drill.  Swing from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock making sure the club head is pointing up to the sky at each mark.

-Scott Erdmann:  To help get the correct angle of attack when chipping try this.  Put a golf ball 6 to 8 inches behind the ball you’re intending to hit.  Keep your sternum and nose in front of the golf ball and get the club up and strike down without hitting the back ball.  This should prevent creating too much tilt with your shoulders and taking the club back to low.

-Dennis Miller:  To make sure you hit the sweet spot of your putter do the quarter-dime trick.  Take a dime and put it on top of a quarter.  Focus on the center of the putter face hitting the dime when you make your stroke and brush it off the quarter.  This also helps you stay down and keep your head down long enough.

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