So you really want to be a golf travel writer? Here's your chance


Now and again, I'll meet someone who loves playing golf and finds out what I do for a living. Their reply is something like:  

'What! You get paid to play and write about golf!? If I even knew that job existed in college...' 

Well, if you've ever wanted to taste the life of a golf travel writer, here's your chance. Golf Channel has been invited to participate in this year's Carson City/Carson Valley Divine Nine Media Tour, one of the more ambitious press junkets in the world of golf travel. In one day, golf writers play two holes at nine different courses over about eleven hours around and Carson Valley. 

Writers are shuttled from course-to-course on a (fully stocked) coach. During the tour, accommodations will be at the Gold Dust West Casino/Hotel and the Carson Valley Inn. Does that sound glamorous or what? 

For this year's Divine 9 trip, October 3rd-5th, instead of sending someone on our staff, we're going to send a reader - and it could be you. 

Here's how: To enter the contest, file a sample entry about your favorite golf trip. Was it the perfect group of courses? A group of buds you haven't seen in awhile? Did someone get their first ace? Be unique, and most of all, be entertaining! 

The deadline for entries is September 23rd. So start scribbling. 

Then, we'll round up the editorial staff here at Golf Channel to judge the entries and pick a winner who will be announced shortly after. 

The winning scribe will be flown out to participate in the Divine 9 Media Trip and live the golf writer life. Carson Valley will even invite you to stay a couple days later to play a few traditional 18-hole rounds of golf. 

Not only are your expenses paid, once you file your story on Divine 9, you'll be paid $500 (you'll need it. Some writers like to bet a little coin as the day goes on). 

If you're curious about what's in store on this day of nine golf courses, read's article by Warren Phillips from a few years back

Still interested? To enter and view details, click here