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Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL Episode 8 Breakdown

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Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down Episode 8 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.

Sara: Breakfast sure does get more and more quiet with each eliminated contestant... But that's all part of the game... Let's get to the day’s first immunity challenge!


Kelly: Yea, the ladder challenge! This drill is one of my favorites. It’s such a great test of how in control each player is of their game. The more confident you can be in your distances, the better. Which will turn into a lot more looks at birdie when you’re on the course! And Justin killed this challenge! 14 shots…are you kidding me?  I think that may be the best that we have ever seen someone do!!! Sara, did you get to try this one out on Big Break?


Sara: I did Kel... With chipping in Sandels and then with the team on Dominican Republic. These guys made this challenge look EASY but let me tell it's not!!!! You're so right though Kel, it shows who knows their game and their yardage! For Richy to start out like that and for Justin to follow it up WOW was that impressive!!! 


Kelly: I honestly did not think that anyone would be able to beat Justin and his impressive 14 shots that he put up. Then what happens?! Robert comes in and posts a 15! These guys are GOOD!


Sara: Robert put on a magnificent golf show!!!! I found myself rooting for him and when that last shot just went a little past 200 yards I was bummed but super happy for him to have gotten the immunity! What didn't impress me tho was Clay’s attitude again, trying to get into the heads of the other players... 


Kelly: I agree, and his antics definitely didn’t help his performance. A measly 2 shots!? Come on Clay, you’re better than that!


Sara: You need to speak with your clubs and not with your mouth and Clay sure failed at that this challenge. I was not impressed at all!!! 


Kelly: For the next challenge, the players had to hit from 3 locations, with 2 of the 3 locations counting. Kyle came out and missed the green twice from 140 yards . He has been really streaky with this play so far. Sara, do you think that was pure nerves for Kyle? 


Sara: just Kyle hasn't been playing that well. He's said it a few times and even Richy said it this episode! It's hard to get into a groove when it seems nothing is going your way...However I was shocked he missed the green on the first location twice! He got pretty lucky in the first elimination challenge with those two balls just barely in the fairway, you would think he would have used some of that momentum. He seems to have the best, most positive attitude which I sure do respect but you need to pull off the shots to win this show…and he’s definitely struggling in that area! But let's look at Justin WOW!!! 


Kelly: Yea Justin just got clipped in the first immunity challenge but came out just as strong in challenge #2! Through 2 locations he had an impressive 9 point lead, ensuring his immunity!


Sara: Justin is just SOLID!!! His game and his mental toughness are awesome to watch!!! I was happy he made it thru!!! 


Kelly: Did Clay just say he is trying to go to elimination so he can pick Richy for elimination?! Sara...have you ever heard anyone say they were trying to get into elimination?! 


Sara: That third and final location wasn't an easy one!! And COME ON!!! Kel there is no way Clay was wanting to get into elimination!!! If he truly did he would have butchered that last shot, not hit it into the 4 point circle. The interviews happen after the day is over... Maybe he just said that to add some drama. I don't know But he was right in thinking no matter who was in the bottom in this challenge he was getting picked. Richy and Kyle are best friends who played college golf together…and if they don't have to play each other they won't.You heard Richy say he's ready to take out Clay. Clay was playing no matter what happened! 


Kelly: In the elimination challenge, I was pretty impressed that Clay stepped up to the first hole and made a clutch birdie! Then what does he do?! He drains another birdie on hole 2! Two up with one hole to play!


Sara: I'm not gonna lie Kelly... This is the first time Clay showed he has GAME!!! To hit that shot right out of the gate and put the pressure on... And then birdie the 2nd hole too. OK CLAY I see you!!! Do your thing!!!! 


Kelly: Even though Clay can have a mouth on him, I am still pulling for him. I think he means well and really needs this Big Break…and he is pretty entertaining. However, I wanted to see Kyle play well too and I was surprised at how poorly he performed in elimination. 


Sara: Clay definitely talked with his clubs this elimination challenge... Which is all I wanted to see from him!!! He is hanging around because of his golf ability not because he can trash talk... If that stops I think he may have a chance at winning... If not well we all know what Karma is...


Kelly: I can’t help but feel bad for Kyle and the manner in which he was eliminated. You can tell he is a good guy but he definitely needs to become a little tougher in the pressure packed situations. Kyle, best of luck with everything and I’m looking forward to following you in the future!

Sara: Kyle kind of squeezed by each show... He even claimed to not hitting it the best and he seemed to be a little hesitant on some shots. I hope Big Break helped him realize he has major game and just needs to fine tune the toughness!!! I greatly enjoyed him on the show as one of the nicest on the cast…that accent was great to listen too as well!!! I wish you all the best Kyle and can't wait to see all the great things in store for you! But now we are down to 4 and These Guys are REAL Good!!!!