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What Dreams Are Made Of

Big Break Greenbrier
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Dreams are set, but the ride to the top is up to those who chase it. Sooner or later though you're going to need a break. Mine, came with a phone call 'Ray Beaufils, you will be competing on the next season of the Big Break!'

Selected as one of 12 to ride the roller coaster that is Big Break Greenbrier was truly an honor and I am forever grateful. The cast, being complete from different shades of life and different background stories, all share one common goal. To play the PGA TOUR.

Like every roller coaster I knew there would be some highs and lows but one thing is for sure.  It'll be one I'll never forget. How could you forget a place like the Greenbrier? With its beauty and history I was like a deer in headlights at every turn. Or how do you forget the cast members? Characters like Stu, Rick, Mark and James...just a few whose stories could rival that of Forest Gump. Spend two weeks with these guys and your life will change for the better without you even realizing it. How is it so that 12 strangers can get along so well and support each other through and through. I mean our whole purpose for being there is to send each 'rival' home and be crowned winner of Big Break Greenbrier. How? The answer is the beauty of golf.  Through the genius efforts of a first class crew, they created a reality golf show to showcase the talents of those chasing their dreams.

Every week, someone will be packing their bags and it's always tough to see someone go.  Being the man that the ride has now ended for, I can firmly hold my head high and say it’s only just begun. For today, I shared my parting thoughts on Golf Channel's Morning Drive with Hall of Famer, Annika Sorenstam. Talked tackle tactics with Arthur Blank and ran into the legend of golf himself, Arnold Palmer. And that was all before 9 am.

I reaffirmed the fact that I can play under the pressure that's needed to make it on Tour. I learned that you must enjoy being in pressure-packed situations.  After all, isn't that why we all play golf? And finally, a positive attitude is contagious and a simple gesture or a few minutes of your time could change someone's life for the better.

I want to thank the tireless efforts of the crew who continue to work around the clock editing and promoting Big Break Greenbrier. I encourage all my friends and fans to continue to enjoy each and every week as I will. The golf on the show ahead will keep people talking long past the start of a new season. I'd like to think that one day I can give back to the game that has made me the person who I am today.

Special thanks to all my friends and family for their continued support, including Loudmouth Golf, Druid Hills and Lakelands Golf Clubs.


Ray Beaufils