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Irons Creative in Lowering Center of Gravity

PGA of AmericaORLANDO -- Fairway woods, irons, a wide assortment of wedges, and of course putters you want it, you got it, in every conceivable shape and size at the PGA Merchandise Show.
One of the most unique is the FunJoy sand wedge, created by the Golf Korea Co., Ltd. The FunJoy is shaped like a comb, with the teeth of the comb facing the front of the wedge. The bunker shot, says Golf Korea, is just like combing your hair.
But excepting the FunJoy, most of the club lines look fairly traditional. Following is a sample of a few at the PGA Merchandise Show:
TOUR EDGE ' This companys new offering is the JMAX irons. This is a new take on the fairly recent idea of combining the 3- and 4-irons ' traditionally harder to hit for the higher-handicap player ' into an iron-wood. The 5- through pitching wedge is a traditional iron look. The irons are cavity-backed with oversized club heads. And the Bazooka JMAX Iron-Woods features a wood-like body throughout the set, from the 1 through the wedge.
MACGREGOR ' The V-Foil M455 is an oversized design, with the manufacturer moving the center of gravity lower in the irons and deeper than ever before. This gives the M455s a very large hitting area. MacGregor putters are designed by Bobby Grace. The M14K putter, says MacGregor, has the highest moment-of-inertia ' important in keeping the putter face steady on off-center hits.
CALLAWAY ' The Hawk Eye VHT irons utilize Callaways most advanced titanium technology. An added enhancement is a tungsten weighting port set towards the bottom of the club. This results in a low center of gravity, propelling the ball airborne easier with plenty of spin delivered for ball-stopping action.
NIKE ' Nike boasts its Slingshot Irons, which Golf Digest Magazine ranked in its Hot List as leading or ranking highly in six of the seven categories. The Slingshot Irons were named the Golf Digest Irons of the Year. The Slingshot features a metallic bar (the Air CG) on the back which shifts the center of gravity lower than on traditional clubs, which has the center of gravity inside the club. This feature launches the ball higher and makes it easier to square the clubface.
Srixon I-302 IronsSRIXON ' The Tradition of a Forged Blade. The Science of Digital Impact, says the ad touting the I-302 irons. The center of gravity is moved around via an extension at the rear of the iron on the Tour Back Cavities. The iron also has an enlarged sweet spot, which gives distance control on all mis-hits.
TOMMY ARMOUR ' One welcomed idea is clubs for the high-handicap player, as opposed to those designed with the 2-handicap in mind. To this end, Tommy Armour has brought out the SilverBack series. The Malby Playability Factor is a measurement of how easy the club is to hit. The SilverBack 845w and the SilverBacku are at the top of the scale, along with the Callaway X-16s.
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