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Henderson withdrew to be with grandfather, who passed away

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Brooke Henderson withdrew from the U.S. Women’s Open in Birmingham, Ala., before the second round last week to be with her ailing grandfather in Ottawa, Canada.

Bob Moir died of cancer in a hospital there on Friday, according to news reports in more than one media outlet. He was 81.

Brooke and her sister, Brittany, who is Brooke’s caddie, shared their feelings about their grandfather in the obituary Lannin Funeral Home posted on its website. Moir resided in Smiths Falls, Ontario, where Brooke and Brittany grew up. Here is the joint message they published:

“The bond that we shared with our Gramps was truly special. Between the golf courses, hockey rinks, our love of nature, just hanging out at home or our texts from afar, we shared so many great laughs, smiles and memories that will be deep in our hearts forever. We will miss him very much as he will also be missed by so many friends and family. Peace and happiness is found knowing he is welcomed Home by Our Father through the gates of heaven where Uncle Kenny will greet him with a big hug. You are forever loved.”