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Reed: Tiger, Phil should put up own money for match

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Patrick Reed has a few ideas on how to create even more excitement around the reported $10 million, made-for-TV match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday at the Scottish Open, Reed said that the exhibition would be even more interesting if both Woods and Mickelson used different equipment and put up their own money for the match.

“I think it would be pretty cool if it was at night, like a three-round knockout,” Reed told reporters. “Have old school (equipment), persimmon woods and balata balls, and then put them in their normal stuff and play a round at night. Have fun with it.”, which originally reported the plans of the match, did not specify whether the two legends would be putting up their own money or playing for the hefty prize fund, which Mickelson said was “a ridiculous amount of money. No matter how much money you have, this amount will take both of us out of our comfort zone.”

Even more uncomfortable, Reed says? Putting up the cash yourself.

“I would pay a little bit more to watch it if it was for their own money, for sure,” he said. “It’s going to be entertaining. I think it would be more entertaining if it was for their own money because I think the guys would grind even harder.

“I’ll be curious to see it because I feel like one match, 18 holes, not your own money, it’s just kind of an exhibition.”