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Breed's Blog: Keys to success at the Ryder Cup

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Of course, it’s Ryder Cup week and the action gets underway at Medinah on Friday. Here are three keys to success at the Ryder Cup:

1. Driving Distance: In order to make birdies at Medinah you need to be hitting shorter clubs into the greens. To add distance to your drives, I want your body to initiate the swing. Put the ball in front of your lead foot and hit drives. This forces you to rotate and move your body into the hit. Also, get the feeling of sequencing the downswing from the ground up.

2. Scrambling: In match play, scrambling is a key to winning holes. The trail hand is so important when hitting chip shots. Practice hitting chip shots with only your trail hand on the club. This will help you control the clubface and create a good tempo.

3. Putting: We had the pleasure of speaking with one of the most successful U.S. Ryder Cup players ever, Billy Casper. Mr. Casper says on putts that break away from him he will line up his putter head and then he will close the toe of the putter slightly. He does this because most people miss these types of putts on the low side of the hole and this will keep the ball above the hole.

Making putts will be of crucial importance at the Ryder Cup this weekend, and in this video tip Michael has some tips that you can utilize to sink more putts when they matter most.

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In this video segment, you'll get valuable tips about how to compete successfully in match play from both Michael and Martin Hall. Watch Video

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