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Breed's Blog: Use a hanger to improve your game

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Many effective offseason training drills can be done at home with items found around the house. Some of my favorite putting and full-swing drills involve a coat hanger:

Putting: Grab a coat hanger as exhibited in the picture to the right. Make putting strokes so the hanger moves back and forth in a straight line and does not wobble around. This will keep the clubface stable and make you a better putter.

Full Swing: Grab a hanger and an iron and grip the two together with the hanger running horizontally up the shaft on the outside of the grip closest to the target. As you take the club back, try and get the hook of the hanger into the lead forearm as quickly as you can. This drill will help you hinge your wrists properly.

Additional practice drills for your putting and full swing:

• A great way to improve your distance control when putting is to grab a coin and put it in the cavity of your putter. Do not let the coin come out of the cavity during your stroke. This will prevent you from jerking the putter head back too quickly or accelerating too quickly and help you improve your overall tempo. To help you get your putts on line, roll out about 10 feet of toilet paper and make putts that roll on the paper. This is a great visual aid that will help you see your putts as a pathway.

• To improve your impact position, find a sleeping bag and practice hitting the bag with the shaft of the club first and not the clubhead. Hitting the sleeping bag with the shaft shows you the correct impact position with the grip ahead of the clubhead.

In this video segment, Michael has a great drill to help you improve your speed on the greens so that you can avoid those dreaded 3-putts.

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