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Breed's Blog: What you can learn from the Ryder Cup

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Monday musings from Michael following the Ryder Cup, as he has some advice for you based on what he saw over the weekend at Medinah:

Making Pressure Putts: When pressure mounts people tend to not release the toe of the putter and the putt misses right and short of the hole. To fix this, putt two balls at the same time and the ball on the toe side should roll farther than the inside ball. This will make sure that you release the toe of the putter.

Executing Pressure Bunker Shots: The mistake people make when hitting greenside bunker shots is they stop moving their body and they swing with their arms. Swinging the club with your arms in the bunker leads to inconsistent contact. Make sure to keep your body rotating through contact and have your body carry the club through contact. This shallows out your swing and will ensure consistent contact.

Hitting Fairway Bunker Shots: To hit a good fairway bunker shot you must pick the ball clean. Choke down on the club, open the clubface slightly and push the back knee inward. To push the back leg inward put a ball under the outside of your back foot and make some swings. This will insure that you pick the ball clean out of the fairway bunker.

Bomb It Like Nicolas Colsaerts: Colsaerts has great width in his swing and that’s why he leads the 2012 European Tour in Driving Distance. Place a ball behind your clubface and push the ball back as long as you can on your backswing. This will increase the width on your backswing and will add more yards to your game.

Playing With Adrenaline: Whether you are playing in the Ryder Cup or putting to break 90 for the first time, you must be able to control your nerves. Being able to rely on a routine will keep your nerves in check. In your practice swings pause slightly at the top. This will maintain your tempo and create good rhythm.

Fixing The Shanks: Here is a simple drill that will help with your shanks. Put a hotel key card under your watch on your lead hand and make swings where the card stays away from your wrist. This eliminates an open clubface at the top of your backswing.

In this video segment, Michael has a drill to help you hit down on the golf ball and the key is to make sure that you don’t let your chest come up as you approach impact.

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