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Get the speed of the greens down before you tee off

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When it comes to putting, the slope of the green will affect whether your putt will travel straight at the hole or whether it will break to the left or right.

It’s important to also understand that the speed or pace at which a putt rolls has a direct affect on how much it will break.

If a putt is not hit hard enough, gravity will take over and it will break more than expected. But if a putt is hit too hard, it will stay straighter for a longer period of time and often go right through the break.

With this being the case, it’s crucial before your round to get on the practice green and roll some putts to get a feel for the pace of the greens for the day.

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Without getting a feel for the speed of the greens before you tee off, it could take you three or four holes to figure out the pace, and sometimes it might take the entire front nine.

Before each round, take at least 10 minutes and hit several putts from 30, 10 and 5 feet. Try to hit at least 30 putts total before you start your round.

You'll see how much better you putt and how your scores will improve.

And remember, speed plays a major role when it comes to the break of the putt, so make sure to keep this in mind while on the greens.

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