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Improve your short game by utilizing a system

Luke Guthrie chip shot
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Travis Bruinsma  - 

The best way to learn is to process new information by using a system or routine.

We all learn differently, and because there is so much information available to us it can be a challenge to simplify information.

Here is a short-game system that is very simple and based upon two basic fundamentals, trajectory and roll.

Ball position directly impacts trajectory while hand position/shaft angle affects roll.

Here are some examples:

For a low running shot (bump-and-run or chip shot), play the ball off your back foot with your club shaft and hands angled substantially forward.

This will produce a low shot (ball position back) with forward roll when it lands (hands and club shaft forward).

When you desire a medium height shot with some forward roll (high chip or pitch shot), play the golf ball in the center of your stance (for extra height) but have your hands slightly forward (for some forward roll).

Lastly, for a high shot with minimal roll (lob shot), place the ball more forward in your stance (for extra height) and hands over the ball (for less roll).

The next time you’re on the course or at the short game practice area, implement this simple system and you’ll get the ball close to the hole more often.

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