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Understand impact and create forward shaft lean

Dustin Johnson East Lake
Getty Images

Where the shaft should be at impact is one of the most misunderstood points in golf among mid- and high-handicap players.

And what most think happens and how to make it happen is why it is misunderstood.

Most players are told or feel that you should hit down on the ball to create a divot after the ball. This is only true in theory, however.

Yes, the club is moving in a downward motion when it strikes the ball but the feeling of hitting down will not create the result you want to happen.

Where the bottom of the swing arc happens means everything in relationship to where your divot will occur.

Most players try to make the swing’s bottom happen at the ball. This results in a divot beginning behind the ball, but the bottom of the arc should happen after impact.

The best way to make this happen is to look in front of the ball and try to make contact with the turf at that point.

Swing through the ball and not at it, and the divot will happen naturally where it should. Give this a try to create better contact with your shots.

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