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'Baba Booey!': Bradley unveils Stern-themed wedge

Keegan Bradley
Getty Images

We already knew Keegan Bradley was a big fan of the “Baba Booey!” craze that has (literally) been the talk of the Tour.

Now, he’s practically encouraging it.

The 2011 PGA champion put a picture of his new wedge on Instagram on Thursday:

Bradley has been a self-professed fanatic of the King of All Media since he was a young kid, and in college he would tune in as he drove from tournament to tournament.

“When I’m down and having a bad round, I turn on the Howard Stern show and it’s like being home,” he said recently on The Wrap-Up Show.

So this is where Bradley stands on the hush-vs.-holler debate.

No word yet on whether Ian Poulter is planning a similar tweak to his equipment.