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Grip It and Rip It

Big Break: MesquiteIts time to tee it high and let it fly. To drive for show. To have a lash. To open the shoulders and to GRIP IT AND RIP IT. You can word it however you like but the long drive contest is here Big Break-style, baby. Ive just gotten through the elimination the show before and am feeling kind of lucky. A-rod is gone and the top spots are up for grabs.
I was thinking prior to the long drive that I missed a gym session last week and the guns are feeling a little weak. I felt like I needed to do a couple of quick push-ups while no one is looking. Five minutes pass and (Brian) Kontak yells at me. ''Nitties what the hell are you doing?''
I could only reply, Hmmmmm, just seeing how the grass is growing over here. Yep, its lush.''
PHWEEW that was close.
Okay, now Im pumped and need to fire up to beat Gerry (James). Geez, that guy is huge! What, did he eat a small child for breakfast? There is only one way I can beat him and thats if I break both his arms; although, I would probably break mine in the process.
I just told myself to focus. As I watched Gerry monster a tee ball out there something like a bazillion miles down the grid ' I actually think it landed on the sun -- I knew I had to find something. I wondered if it was too late to order a rocket launcher?
Then it was my turn and Im shaking like I had just seen a 24-foot crocodile. I tee it up and swing. WACK, its in the air.
I cant believe that Im going to hit it out there with the giant wrestler, the world long drive champion, you know, the Sasquach stunt double for those beef jerky ads.
Damn, not even close. But its good to dream.
Hey what a great day it was to just GRIP IT AND RIP IT!
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