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Improving your distance control and overall feel

John Rollins Iron Play
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Distance control is crucial when it comes to playing golf at a high level, especially as it relates to iron play.

A great way to create more control with all of the clubs in you bag, and to add more feel to your game, is this simple drill that I have my students do on the practice range.

From inside of 100 yards choose three different targets and make each a different distance. For example, I like to use 25, 50 and 100 yards to start.

Start with your sand wedge and try to hit three balls to all three of the targets you have chosen.

Then do the same drill with your pitching wedge and continue using all of your irons up to your 7-iron.

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What you will find is that you will have to get inventive as you go along, choking up to take distance off of different clubs and/or adjusting the tempo of your swing.

But you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll begin to hone in on your feel using this drill.

You can also try this same drill up to 150 yards, using your 150-yard club first and then working your way through the longer clubs in your bag, including your long irons, hybrids and fairway woods.

Try this approach when you practice and this will fine tune your feel and distance control for all of your clubs, which will make a big difference on the course when you find yourself with an in-between yardage.

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