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Lefty has 'Tiger' on Phireside with Phil to remember the time he beat Tiger


Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have become much more friendly in recent years, so it would make sense that Lefty would get his longtime rival to sit down for an episode of his new social media talk show, “Phireside With Phil.”

However, even the best of friends sometimes have trouble getting together for one reason or another, so instead of Tiger in the flesh, Mickelson wrangled up a couple pictures of Woods and just did the talking for him.

Lucky for us, Mickelson is never at a loss for words.

Sitting next to a trio of candles in his World Golf Hall of Fame jacket and flip flops, Phil reminisces on the time Mickelson got the better of Woods (one of the few times, he admits) at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Woods was paired with Tony Romo, but that didn't stop the former NFL quarterback-turned-broadcaster from hanging out with Mickelson the night before the final round, a little tidbit that Lefty knew would get under Tiger's skin - so he made sure to let him know it.

As good as the story is, easily the funniest part of the whole clip is Mickelson assuring Woods that he "should be in [the Hall of Fame] no problem," even if Phil has to personally lobby on his behalf.

While Tiger remains the needle, no one needles the 15-time major winner quite like his longtime rival.