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The Social: Seeing more - a lot more - of the real Brooks Koepka

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For better or worse Brooks Koepka won’t stop flaunting what he’s got, Phil Mickelson shares a valuable lesson about manipulating your parents and Dustin Johnson participates in the most Dustin Johnson gender reveal of all time.

All that and plenty more in this edition of The Social.


Brooks Koepka is not your average Tour player on or off the course. That’s becoming more and more evident every time he wins a major championship … or recovers from the major championship grind in a thong.

After admitting he was “fried” during the Travelers Championship two weeks ago following a runner-up finish at the U.S. Open, the world No. 1 used his off-week to sneak in a little R&R – or whatever you want to call this.

Back home in Jupiter, Fla., Koepka and girlfriend Jena Sims joined some friends for a boat party, and they made a statement with their swim trunks and flippy floppies. Not only was Brooks’ backside proudly on display, but that may not have been the power couples’ craziest outfit.

An argument could be made that distinction could go to Koepka’s other half, as Sims rocked a Borat-style mankini, complete with hair in all the right very wrong places.

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Via Jena Sims on Instagram

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Via Jena Sims on Instagram

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Cake by the ocean

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It wasn’t that long ago when golf fans and media types were begging to see the real Brooks Koepka … well, like it or not, feast your eyes. Because here he is in all his glory.

And based on his play over the last couple seasons, get ready for even more.

The monkey's out of the bottle, man.


It should come as no surprise that Phil Mickelson has been honing his craft since childhood. You don’t become one of the greatest golfers of all time without a little practice.

Apparently, the same can be said about his way with words.

In the second edition of his new video series, #PhiresidewithPhil, Mickelson has his mother, Mary, on to talk about one Thanksgiving many years ago, when a 15-year-old Lefty snuck out of the house to go practice golf.

When his parents found him on the course several hours later, he delivered this beauty … “Mom, every day I don’t practice, is another day until I’m great.”

That epic line kept Phil out of trouble, which, as he went on to explain, was exactly the point.

“You see, kids, playing on a parent’s worst fear of holding you back is the greatest way to get what you want.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Phil Mickelson. A true visionary of our time.

And that has nothing to do with his short game.


This man is out here living.


Another week on the calendar has gone by, so you know a bunch of famous people got together somewhere nicer than where you currently are and played golf for a good cause. It’s just the way the world works.

Led by captains Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers, NBA and NFL superstars flocked to Baha Mar’s Royal Blue Golf Club in The Bahamas over the weekend for the second annual Baha Mar Showdown.

In addition to Rodgers and Paul, the invite list included a who’s who from the two sports, including Ray Allen, Scottie Pippen, Larry Fitzgerald, Adam Thielin, Brett Favre and Brett Favre’s golf glove, which appears he started using about the same time he entered the NFL in 1991.

Appears to be about as much fun as you'd expect a bunch of millionaires to have while playing golf in a tropical paradise.

Being a professional athlete seems to have some upside. For all you non-pro athletes out there, maybe look into a future in that.

Just a thought.


While in Detroit for the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Dustin Johnson helped one happy couple in the gallery with their baby gender reveal.

As nice a gesture as it was, it doesn't appear the couple was in on it, like not even a little bit. Which makes for a cringeworthy moment when the world No. 2 pulls a pink ball out of his pocket and tells them it's a girl without much notice.

"Are you serious?" ... "How do you know?" ... "Have you confused us with somebody else?"

Not exactly the reaction DJ was expecting.

The surprise eventually fades, kind of, enough for the couple to take pictures with Johnson and move on to the part where they can be excited about the news. So we'll chalk it up to one of those good-idea-poor-execution deals.

On the bright side, it could’ve gone worse, much worse:


Move over awkward golf high-five and make room for the awkward golf interview goodbye, courtesy of Viktor Hovland at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

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The awkward goodbye. It happens to all of us.

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There's a 100 percent chance that when a waiter at a restaurant tells Viktor to enjoy his meal, he responds with, "you too."