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When in Canada ... Tour stars attempt the Goal-in-One Challenge

Henrik Stenson

The RBC Canadian Open is proudly, well ... Canadian, having featured a hockey-rink style experience for fans and players in years past.

But this year they took it up a notch.

During their practice rounds, players were given a shot at the Goal-in-One Challenge - a chance to hit their drives into a hockey net from 285 yards away.

Everyone from Dustin Johnson to Rory McIlroy to Henrik Stenson tried their hand at the challenge, and while it resulted in mostly misses, a couple guys put the biscuit in the basket. Most impressive may have been Canadian Mackenzie Hughes, who rang one off the crossbar.

The challenge didn't result in a big break for any of the players, but on the bright side there have been worse attempts, like Mac from South Philly: