Inkster's message to team: No more 'rah-rah stuff'


ST. LEON-ROT, Germany – U.S. captain Juli Inkster wants the Americans to have some fun this week at the Solheim Cup, but don’t expect any over-the-top celebrations, temporary red-white-and-blue tattoos or extreme makeovers

“Juli said ‘No more of this rah-rah stuff,’” said American Lizette Salas, who is making her second Solheim Cup appearance. “I was like, ‘OK, we're not cheerleaders.’ So, none of that face paint or none of those tattoos. It's definitely toned down quite a bit since the first Solheim I was at.

“I think it's a lot of excess energy that's used on, ‘Where do I put this tattoo?’ or ‘Does this ribbon match this outfit?’ None of that. We go out and handle our business and play the best golf that we can. I think it's working.”

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Stacy Lewis said it’s a part of the team’s maturation.

“I think everybody's grown up,” Lewis said. “Hopefully, everybody is past all the tattoos and the face paint and all that. Paula is still wearing her hair ribbons and all that, but it's just growing up a little bit and knowing that you don't need to go crazy and get the crowd going all the time. We've come here with a mission. That's basically what it is.”

Inkster’s message to the team?

“Very straightforward, this is what we're here for,” Lewis said. “We're not here to pump up the crowds and do all that. We're here to win this thing. It's more businesslike.”

That doesn’t mean players aren’t still painting their fingernails.

“They probably do, but not on my time,” Inkster said.