Kim's pre-shot waggle the result of bee attack


If you’re wondering about Christina Kim’s unusual pre-shot routine as she plays to win the Lorena Ochoa Invitational Sunday, she says it all started as self-defense after she was swarmed by bees this summer.

Kim, who has built a five-shot lead going into the final round, has actually whittled her waggle down from what it was earlier this summer, after the bees messed with her setup. She takes almost a full backswing, then a short half back swing as her waggle. It’s working brilliantly this week as she has put together three rounds in the 60s at the Club de Golf Mexico.

Of course, nobody explains it quite like the colorful Kim herself:

“I had an incident with some bees that had me back off my shots [at the Ricoh Women’s British Open], and that actually gave me sort of a back-in-the-day, Sergio kind-of-Dufnery waggle. It's something that's been really frustrating to me, because I used to be such a fast player.”

Kim has actually refined the waggle the last couple weeks, shortened it up considerably.

“Lobbed off a lot of time, but still not quite what I'm working toward, because I would love to just step up to the ball and hit,” Kim said. “But it's also something I've been trying to work on. Just making sure that I don't turn my hands over too quickly and just making sure I get the grip and the butt of the club going ahead of the club head.”

About those bees . . .

“It's a long story,” she said. “I took the club back, and there was a swarm of bees that flew right overhead and just freaked me out. I had to step out of the shot. It's been a long battle. I know it's only been like four months, but it's excruciating. It's mortifying knowing how much time I took. Especially at the beginning of the Asian swing. My dad was like, `I don't care if you shoot 90. Just pull the trigger.’”