Lyle chipping away at total needed to keep card


Through two events, Jarrod Lyle is chipping away at the grand total he needs to reach if he's going stay on the PGA Tour.

Lyle, who left the Tour in 2012 to battle and for the second time in his life defeat leukemia, is playing on a medical exemption in the hopes of earning enough money to retain his Tour card.

Lyle has 20 total starts, including the two he's already made this season, to earn the $283,825 that will allow him to retain his card. After making the (T-31) via a Monday qualifier and playing the Shriners (T-42) thanks to a sponsor exemption, he has racked up $53,795.

"Things are going the right direction," Lyle told Golf Channel's Todd Lewis on Sunday. "The support that we've had for [the last] three years, it's been amazing. To see these guys and to see the crowd out there, you know, every hole there's someone saying, 'Glad to see you back,' and that kind of stuff."

Lyle will head back to Australia for the remainder of the calendar year, where he's got a few doctors appointments scheduled and will tee it up in the three legs of the Aussie Slam.

"My little safety blanket is back in Australia, but then after [the medical appointments], I've got three tournaments to play in Australia - the Aussie Open, Masters and the PGA," he said. "It'll be nice to be able to play in front of a home crowd again and hopefully contend in all three [events], which would be a dream."