Nicklaus: Woods should review own swing on camera


DUBLIN, Ohio – After a final-round 74 at the Memorial, Tiger Woods’s search for answers continues. While he has received plenty of unsolicited advice recently, tournament host Jack Nicklaus believes Woods’ best option might be to rely on the technology in his pocket.

Nicklaus spoke at length with media Sunday morning, reiterating his belief that Woods needs to remove outside opinions and pave his path back to the top on his own. One tool in that journey, according to Nicklaus, is the quick feedback offered by modern technology.

“He can have instant replay of what he does. Makes a golf swing, boom he can see it just as fast as he did it,” Nicklaus said. “Maybe a half a second, one second later. We couldn’t do that.”

Nicklaus believes that an added perspective can also sometimes prove vital to fixing a swing. He shared a story about his wife, Barbara, who despite a lack of golf knowledge would occasionally watch footage of her husband’s swing and diagnose a “crooked backswing.”

“The ‘crooked backswing’ was one I loved, because I knew exactly what it meant,” Nicklaus said. “Now she didn’t have a clue what that was, but I knew that if my swing wasn’t on the same path where it should be, where I wanted it to be, then it was something different. And that’s all she saw, was something different.

“It’s just a pair of eyes,” he said. “And his pair of eyes can be that camera.”

Nicklaus remains optimistic that Woods will regain his form and return to the winner’s circle, but he noted that at age 39, Woods has to come to terms with some of his physical limitations and adapt accordingly. 

“He’s got a left leg that doesn’t work like it used to work because he’s had so many operations on it, and his left leg used to save him through the ball. But that’s how he hurt it,” Nicklaus said. “So he’s got some inherent problems, but those are his issues that he’ll figure out himself. It doesn’t make any difference what some teacher tells him.

“He physically will be able to do certain things, and physically there are certain things he won’t be able to do. And he’s got to figure it out, he’s got to do it within what he can do.”