Rory agrees with Tiger that he needs consistency


AKRON, Ohio – Despite winning three legs of the career grand slam by the age of 25, Rory McIlroy believes there’s one area of his game that still needs improvement.

He wants to become more consistent.

“I mean, everyone's going to have bad weeks,” he explained Tuesday. “It's inevitable. It's going to happen. We're not machines or robots. We're human beings, and it's just hard to keep that level up for an extended amount of time.

“I think that's just the thing that I'd like to do a little bit more of, make my bad weeks a little better. So instead of a missed cut, at least grind it out and try and finish in the top 10 or whatever it is.”

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Those comments were in response to a question based on Tiger Woods’ recent assessment of McIlroy’s game.

“The way he plays is pretty aggressively,” Woods said while McIlroy was in the midst of winning the Open Championship two weeks ago. “When he gets it going, he gets it going. When it gets going bad, it gets going real bad. It's one or the other.”

For his part, McIlroy didn’t disagree with that critique.

"Everyone goes through their ups and downs,” he said. “There's plenty of players that would like to be as inconsistent as me. I'm not afraid of my inconsistencies. It's something that I actually quite welcome, and I know that my good is very good and my bad can sometimes be very bad.”