Ryder Cup match director: 'Selfies are encouraged'


After reports of a social-media ban at the Ryder Cup, tournament officials issued a statement Wednesday to reassure fans that such content is encouraged, so long as it is done responsibly.

“We want people to share their stories online and feel part of the Ryder Cup,” said Edward Kitson, match director for the 2014 matches. “Selfies are positively encouraged and I expect to see plenty of them during the event.” 

The pro-selfie stance certainly is a stark contrast to the previous comments made by a Ryder Cup Europe spokesman, who said that the PGA of America and European Tour had banned the publishing of photos to social media in order to “ensure that the brand … is protected at all times.”

The spokesman also said that rule-breakers would have their phones or cameras confiscated during the event, though it was obvious that actually enforcing that ban with 250,000 spectators was a near-impossible task.

Kitson reiterated that photograph or video is prohibited during the three-day competition, but still photograph was allowed in practice rounds.

“This is something we fully expect everyone to support given that the Ryder Cup is won and lost on very fine margin,” he said. “We want to give the teams every chance of a level playing field and ensure everyone can see the action.”