Social-media ban in place for Ryder Cup?


(Editor's note: It was reported Wednesday morning there will be no social-media ban)

Fans and players might want to think twice about posting that selfie from Gleneagles.

The Telegraph reported earlier this week that the PGA of America and European Tour have banned the publishing of photos from the 2014 Ryder Cup to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – a decision they said would “ensure that the brand … is protected at all times.”

Any potential rule-breaker outside the ropes – and there will be an estimated 250,000 fans rolling through the gates in Scotland – will have their phone or camera confiscated for the duration of the round. 

A spokesman for Ryder Cup Europe was quoted by the Telegraph as saying, “The Ryder Cup is one of the world’s most recognized sport events and as such we need to ensure that the brand, encompassing fair play, teamwork and camaraderie is protected at all times which means ensuring that images of the event are not used for monetary gain in a matter which may go against those principles.”

Audio and video is prohibited during the entirety of the six-day event (including practice rounds), but still photograph is allowed on Tuesday-Thursday. That photo just can't be uploaded to Instagram, with a neat filter.

Of course, this is all news to PGA president Ted Bishop. He told a reporter on Tuesday night that he wasn't aware of the proposed social-media silence and would be “shocked” by it.