Tale of the tear: One round, five birdies, four pairs of pants


For a golfer, this is right up there with shanking a shot.

Ripping your pants.

It's one thing when it happens to a weekend warrior with just the other three members of his foursome around. It's quite another when the victim is a pro, in a major championship, in front of thousands of spectators.

Which is what happened to Chris Wood on Thursday during the first round of the PGA Championship.

The Englishman squatted to read a putt on his second hole of the day when he felt a rip. A big rip.

According to Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports, Wood made the putt (good for him!), but then had to tee off on the next hole with a huge, uh, hole in his trousers.

"I'm 6-foot-6 with a massive hole in my trousers in America," he said. "It's the most embarrassed I've ever been on the golf course."

Wood borrowed a pair of rain pants from his playing partner, Johan Kok, a club pro from Tennessee by way of South Africa. But at 6-foot-2, Kok is four inches shorter than Wood. So Woods borrowed another pair of rain pants and wore them until his manager, Stuart Cage, showed up with a replacement pair of regular slacks. They came with a story. Seems when Cage went back to the hotel to fetch them, he initially walked into the wrong room, much to the surprise of its female occupant.

In the end, however, everything worked out. Wood shot a bogey-free 66 and learned a valuable lesson about golf-course fashion:

Always be prepared for a wardrobe malfunction.