Dufner on Stern: 'Sabbatini rubs people wrong way'


Following his win at the PGA Championship, Jason Dufner made the rounds Tuesday with various media outlets while in New York City, a series of interviews that was highlighted by his appearance on the 'Howard Stern Show.'

Stern was in the headlines this past weekend for a Twitter feud with Ian Poulter over fan outbursts at Oak Hill. Dufner explained that the shouts don't bother him on the course, and also pointed to Rory Sabbatini when asked to identify a PGA Tour player who most 'rubs people the wrong way.'

Some highlights from the Stern interview:

STERN: Who’s a bad guy in golf? I’ll put you on the spot. I want someone you don’t like. He just personally rubs you the wrong way.

DUFNER: Doesn’t rub me the wrong way but he rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

STERN: Okay. Who is that?

DUFNER: Rory Sabbatini.

STERN: Okay. Why?

DUFNER: He just rubs people the wrong way.

STERN: Because he’s a loudmouth?

DUFNER: He is, a little bit.

STERN: And he mouths off to the other golfers.

DUFNER: A little bit. He’s aggressive.

STERN: Have you ever confronted him and said, “Listen, Roy [sic], you’re a hard guy to take”?

DUFNER: No, I haven’t. But I’ve seen guys. I played in a tournament last year -- the Shark Shootout -- it was a team event. And I was teamed with Vijay Singh, who’s a good friend of mine, and [Sabbatini] and Vijay don’t get along very well. We played together that day and it was a little uncomfortable.

On the post-win affection with his wife

DUFNER: Yeah, I grabbed her butt.

Co-Host Robin Quivers: He was patting her butt and he walked off holding her butt.

STERN: You can’t win. If you’re into your wife and you’re grabbing her a--.

DUFNER: You get in trouble.

STERN: You get in trouble. And if you’re not into your wife and you’re cheating on her, you get in trouble.

On fans yelling at tournaments

STERN: It’s pretty wild. But the “Baba Booey” thing I like because I’m not a golf fan so therefore it makes it interesting to me. I’ll actually tune in to see if somebody yells out “Baba Booey!”

DUFNER: It’s crossover for you guys.

STERN: It’s bringing in new audience. But a lot of golfers now, there was a guy Ian somebody, I don’t know his name --

DUFNER: Ian Poulter.

STERN: Ian Bolter [sic]. I don't know these guys, forgive me. But Ian Bolter tweeted --

DUFNER: Poulter.

STERN: Poulter tweeted, “Enough of this baba boo stuff.” I tweeted him back and said, “It’s Baba Booey, by the way.” As long as you’re going to spell it out I told him how to spell it. But he’s bothered by it.


STERN: But that’s good for you.

DUFNER: Definitely.

STERN: Let him be bothered.

DUFNER: Let him worry about other stuff out there.

STERN: And you know now that he’s come out against “Baba Booey,” they’re going to Baba Booey him to death.

Dufner's tour continued with a stop in front of the Nasdaq Tower, as well as a trip to the top of the Empire State Building.

During his whirlwind day, the 36-year-old also taped an interview with Golf Channel's Damon Hack that will air during Wednesday's episode of 'Morning Drive.' His busy morning concluded with an appearance on the 'Dan Patrick Show' with guest host Mike Florio:

The first-time major winner also made an appearance on The Crossover with Michelle Beadle and covers everything from getting caught in compromising situations to who he would want to play him in a movie.