Tiger tops list of biggest sports earners in '13


Tiger Woods may be inching closer to 40 – today is his 38th birthday, you know – but that doesn’t mean his earning power is slowing down.

Woods still topped the list of biggest sports earners in 2013, beating out a high-powered group that included Roger Federer, LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers and David Beckham.

Tiger’s projected earnings, via Forbes’ annual sporting survey: A cool $78 million, which includes on-course earnings (five wins), sponsorship bonuses with Nike and Rolex, and considerable appearance fees from when he teed it up in Abu Dhabi, China, Malaysia and Turkey.

Phil Mickelson also checked in on the list of the top 10 for 2013. He came in at No. 7, with $49 million. The five-time major winner reportedly earns more than $40 million annually from his endorsement partners.

Here’s the full top 10: Woods ($78 million), Federer ($72M), Kobe Bryant ($62M), James ($60M), Drew Brees ($51M), Aaron Rodgers ($49M), Mickelson ($49M), Beckham ($47M), Cristiano Ronaldo ($44M) and Lionel Messi ($41M).